Carman Elementary School

Carman Elementary is a K-6 school with an enrolment of approximately 350 students. We have a professional and support staff of over 45 dedicated individuals which include:

  • 23 professional staff, including Phys. Ed, Music and Resource specialists.
  • The shared services of a Literacy Leader, Technology Leader, Speech/Language Pathologist, Psychologist and Social Worker.
  • Support staff of Educational Assistants, Secretary, Library Technicians, Custodial Staff, and the shared services of a Computer Technician.
  • Our school operates on a Balanced School Day schedule, with three 100 minute teaching blocks broken up with two nutrition and activity breaks.
  • A Nursery School for 3 & 4 year olds operates out of the school.  Also a Before & After School Program through Wee Care Child Centre is partnered with our school.
  • We have a very active Advisory Council for School Leadership who run our milk and lunch programs and who support many programs for our children.
  • Many parents and community members volunteer their time at our school.
  • We have active use of our facilities by community programs with a focus on children. A few examples include: Taekwondo, Dance, Carman Resource Center Family Nights, Baseball, and Gardening Club.


Carman Elementary School strives to achieve academic excellence, respect and responsibility in a safe, caring environment through the co-operative efforts of students, staff, parents and community.


We envision Carman Elementary School as an educational community wherein:

  • students will have their physical, social and emotional needs met in a respectful and supportive environment.
  • students will be expected to have respect for themselves, others, as well as personal and school property.
  • students will experience an atmosphere of empathy, acceptance and responsibility.
  • student learning will reflect curricular outcomes as well as individual needs.
  • students have adequate resources available to support and enhance their learning.
  • students are provided with opportunities to be successful in attaining realistic and appropriate academic and social goals.
  • students are engaged in meaningful and challenging goals and activities which promote lifelong learning.
  • students, parents, school staff and community are involved in school-based decision making where open, respectful communication is promoted.